Our People

People come first

At Parry Agro, people come first. While we take care of our employees, we also ensure that our welfare programs extend to cover their families. Our ‘people first’ programs include education, healthcare, community development and sustainable livelihood activities. It is our commitment to our people and their well-being that has earned us various Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Certifications.

Medical facility at our estates

We have a well-organised 24/7 medi-care system. Parry Agro-run hospitals and dispensaries in our estates are at the centre of our comprehensive healthcare campaign. Our multi-bed hospitals are equipped with qualified doctors, trained nurses, para-medical staff, laboratories, x-ray and scan facilities, ECG, operation theatres, labour rooms, pharmacy, dispensary and ambulances. We focus on the constant improvement of our employees’ health standards. Regular multi-specialty health camps, free dental camps, vaccination and immunisation programs are provided for our employees and their families. The regular health-care efforts have resulted in an upward trend in the health and safety aspects at Parry Agro. The Department of Community Health at St. John’s Medical College, Bengaluru, conducts a ‘Health and Welfare Audit’ every year. Some of the audit results have set a health benchmark in the plantation industry.

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Community centres by employees

Under our community connect program, we have provided community centres across all our estates which are run and managed by the employees themselves. These centres act as a unifying force to bring together people on social, cultural and other such occasions. The community centres are run in a democratic set-up, which has helped Parry Agro earn the prestigious Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certifications.

Education starts with the crèche facility

We provide a complete education structure for the children of our employees, right from their cradle days, with well-established crèche facilities to high schools, in all our estates. Trained personnel take care of the children aged between 45 days to 5 years, and provide them with nourishment and early education. Our spacious and airy crèches come with its own organic vegetable garden to ensure nutritious meals reach the children. As a part of our commitment to continued education, we regularly offer scholarships to deserving students to help them continue their education. Periodic medical camps and free medicines ensure that the children of the labour force are well-cared for.

North-East Focus

Keeping Our Workforce Happy

At Parry Agro, we believe that a happy workforce not only lends itself to a healthy company but also a self-sufficient society. This focus has made the issues of safety and health of our employees a priority for us. Given that employees’ safety comes first, it is only natural that our factories are outfitted with Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) systems to prevent hazards and ensure a safe working environment. The systems are monitored and upgraded through training programs, following periodic audits conducted by the safety committees, that includes the workers, supervisors and the management.

Besides ensuring that our well-ventilated factories are free from air, water and noise pollution, we ensure that they adhere to mechanical and electrical safety norms, including fire protection, hygiene and sanitation stations. Professional training on the safe handling of machineries, tools and materials to our employees is mandatory. Medical camps by our garden hospital doctors assess the health and fitness of employees, regularly.

Caring for Gen Next

We, at Parry Agro, believe that caring for the next generation starts from the mother’s womb. Therefore, we accord high priority for the holistic care of pregnant women-folk in our eco-system, including pre-natal and post-natal care. We work with the Government of Assam through its fleet of AASHA workers for maternity care. Our all-year program includes blood pressure checks for all women employees and haemoglobin estimation tests. Based on these results, iron supplements are given to them which has improved their general health.

The on-the-ground fleet of AASHA workers identify pregnant women employees, both permanent and casual, to bring them under the fold of unified maternity care and provide them with medical cards for monthly check-ups / vaccinations on various prescribed parameters. We also evaluate them for high-risk cases and, if needed, bring them under a special care for higher treatment. All deliveries are conducted in our hospitals under trained medical staff. Since 2015, we have included adolescent girls in our health improvement programs and have formed health clubs for them. Our Mothers’ Club is an active forum where they discuss various issues relating to health and hygiene of women workers. We believe happiness and health begins at home.