Often referred to as Black Gold, pepper has been the one fascination that brought to India visitors, traders and invaders. These expensive pungent corns are believed to have originated in the Malabar Coast.


Parry Agro’s pepper is the magic ingredient that adds a zing to your food. It grows in the spice route of the country, amidst our tea plants, in our sprawling estates in South India. Take a tour of our pepper farms, where you can see fresh, carefully handpicked, sun-dried pepper, rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients to aid digestion.

Organic Pepper

Cultivated in our organic tea gardens, the organic pepper we grow offers the goodness of organic cultivation.

Conventionally Grown Pepper

Parry Agro’s Fiery Pepper, has an innate intense, pungent aroma and flavour that adds to the essence of your dishes while stimulating your taste buds. This is a perfect fit for all culinary requirements.


From our tea plantations in the Anamallai Hills and Nilgiris-Wayanad